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  • I could say Terri “saved our marriage” but that wouldn’t give what she does justice. What she really did with us was redirect our focus on what we can do to bring the best to our marriage. 

    She also is able to grasp, capture, and re-communicate to our partners, while all are present, what is possibly going on for us individually, in a way that creates a miraculous bridge of understanding. I have never felt so gotten and have never gotten the depths of my husband’s caring for me, as when counseled by Terri. If you don’t have any problems at all, make some up just so you can get counseling with Terri. Best counselor ever. 

    —Wife of 22 years, Mom of 3
  • Terri surprised me with her insights into the gritty mechanics of my inner dude. She helped me perform basic self-maintenance so that my marital relationship will finally start firing on all cylinders. Thank you, Terri!

    —a regular guy, married with kids

How to Save Your Fourth Marriage

A New Book by Terri Crosby

“There is hope because the quality of your relationship with your partner lives within you. The facets of how you relate to you are reflected by those whom you call partner, ex-partner, friend, enemy, and family. The way you treat others represents the way you treat yourself. The relationship you have with others is the relationship you have with yourself.”

Close your eyes, fall in love. Stay there.


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