Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Today’s post will be short.

Because I have no time.

birdliftoff21Or is it that all I have is time and it is FLYING by?

A day is a blink of an eye, a week is a deep breath, and a year — well, let’s not think about that. I feel as if my personal lift off could happen any minute now! If my life goes any faster, I’ll grow wings, I’m sure.

Many scientists and brilliant nerd Earth-Studiers have concluded that time is actually speeding up (collapsing).  They say that for spinningearth1thousands of years, the pulse or heartbeat of the Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.83 cycles per second, which has been used as a standard.  Since 1980, however, the resonance has slowly changed to over 12 cycles per second, which translates this way:  the old 24 hour day?  It’s gone.  We now perceive a day with 16 hours.  That’s why it feels like life — your day, your month, your year —  is speeding up.  It is.  It’s not your imagination, promise.

I must admit, I have occasional visions of some playful God-Child far, far away with a very long arm, reaching over into our galaxy (his big playground) to give his itty-bitty Earth-Top an experimental  spin, just to mess with it a bit and see what happens with his bright blue toy.  You know little boys and how they learn — they have to “see what happens!”

But I digress.  And then!  There is information about the rotation of the Earth coming to a screeching halt (as in no longer rotating — actually being still)  for 3 days when we reach 13 cycles per second.  Yikes.  What does that mean?  Will we all fall over like dominoes when the Earth stops? Know one really knows.

But wait, that’s not all!  If you order now, you get the following! THE WHOLE DARN WORLD will turn and rotate in the other direction.

Some say — hey I’m just researching! — this is when we enter the 4th dimension, a new world where our thoughts will manifest almost instantly.

But that’s another story for another (blink) day.

This is all too far too much for a Friday morning.  Maybe I’ll just go back to bed.

Might as well just relax, don’t you think?  Time and the world is gonna do whatever it’s gonna do.  But just for the record, from everything I’ve read, I would recommend thinking VERY positively.

Easy does it,



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