Right In The Middle of Sorting and Packing…

…I went to the spa.  I stopped working.  I put down the box and the tissue paper and the scrub brush and the telephone.  I got in my car, drove to the nearest Spa, and I enjoyed the treatment called “Ancient Bathing Ritual.”



I got into this very tub with alternating and rotating hydro jets galore.  A goddess poured a pitcher of milk and honey and bubbles into the bath.

About ten minutes after  I settled in, another heavenly creature came in and gave me a 20 minute scalp massage.


And then the heavenly creature ushered me into a quiet room where everything is soft and muted, the music is beautifully transcendent and the blankets are the kind you want to take home.  She gave me a full body, full hour massage.

Basically, she turned me into homemade butter.

That experience has pretty much removed all vocabulary from my brain.  Can’t write all that well, can’t really think, and what’s even better, I don’t even care.

On the way home (was I really driving???) Il Divo’s private concert may have sent me straight to heaven.  From all indications, I might still be there.

Ok, now give me that box to fill.  I’m ready.

On second thought, how about a cup of tea first?

When are we getting to Asheville?  Don’t really know… we’ll get there when we do I guess.

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    • I HIGHLY recommend the spa treatment in the middle of anything so stressful. Just stop. Do something entirely different. It is so good for your soul!

    • And, by the way, welcome to Asheville from one newbie to another!!! Have you found some good spots? I’m just getting settled, the moving truck isn’t here yet with our things, so we can’t quite get IN, but will soon!

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