A Couple of Girls and A Long Ladder…

One Girl and The Long Ladder...
One Girl and The Long Ladder...

…went down to the blueberry bushes to hoist an owl up on a very tall lookout post.  We weren’t sure how to get the darn owl up there to scare the crows and other feathered folks away from the ripening blueberries.  But we thought we could do it.

Such silly girls…

Oh, I see!!!  The pole bends!
Oh, I see!!! The pole bends!
We Have Lift Off
We Have Lift Off

Actually, it’s even worse.  The plastic pole lifts off the metal stake (a bit hard to see in the photo)!!!

Don’t we feel silly….


We feel a little silly, but hey, we figured it out!

Now go away crows and find your dinner somewhere else!

Blueberry recipes forthcoming!  Stay tuned.

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