Snakes on The Blueberries!

Snakes On The Blueberries
Snakes On The Blueberries

Listen up, city dwellers!  You may need to know this someday.  Calling all country folks! You may already know this….

What do snakes and blueberries have to do with each other?

Hint:  How do you keep the birds from eating all your blueberries?

Ah, do you see it?  Birds love berries, but are afraid of snakes.  Put fake rubber snakes all over your blueberry bushes, and the word is that birds are generally not brave enough to come steal the berries.  That’s the theory.  We’ll let you know how abundant (i.e.  protected) the crop is as the season progresses.

Right now, the new crop is just coming and it’s beautiful. We might all look blue ourselves by the end of the summer.

Below is a photo of what we picked yesterday.  For now, forget a recipe.  Wash them and eat them.  Or if you’re feeling extra decadent, add raw cream and a cup of tea.

By later in the summer, we will need recipes.  But for now, they are such a treat that eating them straight off the bush is good enough for me.

They say there a LOTS of blackberries on this property…..

Bye, gotta go hunting!

Basket of Fresh Picked Blueberries
Basket of Fresh Picked Blueberries

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