What To Do With Summer Fruits — Mango Blackberry Lime Sorbet

Gentle Rain and A Misty Morning
Gentle Rain and A Misty Morning

My favorite kind of Asheville Morning… it’s raining gently as we wake up, wrapping the mountains in mist.  All the colors are soft, the day starts in an easy way and life is good….

Soon, the sun will come out and diamonds will be everywhere.  I’ll have to visit the glistening  jewel-laden blueberry bushes in just a little while….

Mango Blackberry Lime Sorbet

Yesterday I made Mango Blackberry Lime Sorbet — Heaven on a spoon!  Making fresh sorbet is my favorite simple way to use  ripe and ready summer fruits.

Preferably, use a combination of fruits where one is sweeter and others are more tart.  Mangoes are very sweet right now.  Blackberries a little less sweet.  Limes, of course are tart.  A perfect combination.

Mango Blackberry Lime Sorbet

2 large Mangoes, peeled, chunked a bit.  See directions below for “How To Cut A Mango.”

About 1 cup fresh blackberries, preferably  from somebody’s local patch

1 Lime, squeezed — and make lime zest, too, and throw into the mix. Use a fine grater, microplane or zester tool.  Get only the green part of the skin, not the white pith.

Put everything in a cuisinart (for slightly chunky sorbet option, which is my favorite) — or a blender (for smooth and blended sorbet).

Mix and taste. Add honey or aguave to taste.  You don’t need much, if any.  Don’t over-sweeten — it will hide the taste of the fruit.  You want the  taste of the fruit to be front and center.

How To Cut A Mango

Smoosh the pit in your hand to get all the good stuff — get it all!  Nobody in a how-to video tells you to do that, but this part is the most fun (and by far the messiest!!). The pit is a bit like a slippery bar of soap, but go for it.  Not exactly something you’d want to do with 8 kids at a birthday party!!!  Well, maybe….!  They would be entertained for hours!

For an excellent and simple chef’s video on how to cut a mango, go here .

That was delicious...
That was delicious...

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