How To Make Life Changing Mango Lime/Lemonade!

Always Something Beautiful Blooming
Always Something Beautiful Blooming

In my garden, there is always something new blooming and there’s always a new fruit in season to bring home from the Farmer’s Market or the Supermarket, or your neighbor’s tree.  Right now mangoes abound.  You can find them in any market.

Do you need to wake up and smell the coffee?  Or slow down and smell the roses??  This lemonade will handle it all.

I swear, you’ll never be the same after you taste this mango lime-lemonade!   It is my personal prediction that you may never again buy lemonade, and you’ll probably never order it in a restaurant again.

But I don’t know.  Let’s test my theory.

How easy can it be?  Pretty easy.  A little messy, but easy.  So roll up your shirt sleeves and go for it.


2 limes, squeezed (seeds removed)

2 lemons, squeezed (seeds removed)

(OR you can use 4 lemons or 4 limes if that’s what you have…)

1 ripe mango  (for great instructions on how to cut a mango, go to Squish the mango pit and get all the goodies from that as well. Nobody tells you that. :–) ). Probably ’cause it’s messy…

4 c. water

A little aguave, honey or sugar.  Not much!!! Sweeten to taste.  I used just a little more than 1/4 c. of aguave and it was just right, on the tart side, which is how we like it.


Ok, squeeze the lemons and limes into a cuisinart, blender, or vita mix.  Add fresh mango. Puree and mix.  Pour into a pitcher. Add water and 1/4 c. aguave.   Then mix and see where you stand on the sweet scale.   Add a little more sweetener of your choice if necessary.   The sweetener required is less than you think, because the mango is naturally sweet, which is the whole idea!  Drink natural sugar when possible, and drink fresh, un-messed-with juices.

Drink up! I served it to family and guests and it got thumbs up all around!

Mango Lime-Lemonade
Mango Lime-Lemonade

Let me know if you’re joining my “I’ll Never BUY Lemonade Again Club.”

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