What’s the Biggest Difference Between City and Country?

The Question of the Day
The Question of the Day

This one surprised me totally.

Just goes to show you how long I’ve been away from country living…

The BIG Difference between city and country?

Everything is cleaner in the country.

There I said it!!

Whooooo da thought?  The wind blows in the country, and that must be dusty, right?  Sure, I grant you that.  And rain and snow and dirt roads and back country driving.

Yes.  But still it’s cleaner than what ended up on my glasses sitting quietly behind doors in my kitchen cupboards in beautiful and balmy Orange County, CA.

Go figure.  And cleaner than what ended up on my dining room table  on an average day.  And on my outdoor patio furniture.  And on my car.  Wow, on my car.  Now that’s GRIME.

So it has surprised me how much less I have to clean here.  And how the dirt is just dirt, not grime.  There’s a difference.  Grime has goo in it.  Seriously.  (And was I breathing that?  Yep, I suppose….)

I can walk around the whole day here with no shoes on and my feet are cleaner at the end of the day than they ever were in the city.  Wow. Stunning.

Oh, well.  I’m in the country now.  No use worrying about the past. I’m breathing deeply now.

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Sunset on Hillcreek Acres Drive
Sunset on Hillcreek Acres Drive

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