A New View — Part 1 of 2

If something isn’t working, perhaps there is another way to see it.

(No, that’s not a new idea.)

But there is one aspect of this idea that makes all the difference.

Never underestimate the power of a baby step in the direction of where you want to be.

To tackle a big subject, start by taking a small step toward what you want.

You can change things!

  1. You can change WHAT you’re looking at.  Move your binoculars up and over a little — and voila! you’ll see a different scene.  Change the information you collect.

    Instead of listening to the “who-died-or-almost-died-and-why” news or “who’s-right-and-who’s-wrong” details of the presidential election, watch “Winged Planet” about the amazing birds in this world.  Instead of dwelling on the disasters or the victims or the troubles of the world, change the channel or get up from the couch. Go do something else.

    Pay more attention to things that are working.  Notice and spread the word about successful events.  Miracles.  Random acts of generosity.  People that are happy.  Creative inventions that change the world.

  2. You can change HOW you’re seeing what you see.  Change the lens through which you interpret what you see.

    If you don’t like what you see (lens of judgment), install a different lens — maybe the lens called “what if there is more to the story than I can see…”  Or the lens called “This issue is really none of my business, and I think I’ll let them work it out.”

    People may tell you that you are seeing the world through rose colored glasses.  Just smile, and say “thank you for noticing.”

  3. You can change WHEN you look. Notice the good stuff and make a big deal about it.  Catch your child being good. Ignore the spilled whatever, and the crabby, yelly, and uncooperative landscape between you and your little ones. Have a party moment when things are going the way you want them to go.  Do a little jig. Put your right foot in, put your right foot out…and shake it all about.

    Thank your partner when s/he is doing something great.  Stop the world to celebrate the moments that make you happy.

  4. You can change WHERE you look from. Your perspective, your general point of view.  Do you see the glass half empty or the glass half full?  Do you have faith in the abilities of others or do you end up doing all the work because only you can do it best?

    Notice your general point of view about yourself.  Is your point of view that “things usually work out well for me?” Or not?  Do you find your way to good solutions?  Do you usually have trusting relationships with others?

    If you are sick, have been sick for a long time — and this is a serious subject for you and yours — see what you can do to lighten things up.  For the next hour or so, don’t be so fascinated with being sick.  Or tired. Or fascinated about the fact that you hate your job.  So what. Be fascinated about something else for a while, just for the heck of it.

    A great sentence to begin to shift things?  “What if….”  What if I enjoyed the people at work?  What if I got well — THEN who would I be or how would I spend my time?  What if I loved going to work in the morning?  What if…

  5. You can change WHY you look.  If you find articles that rail against others, and post them on Facebook so others can join your “fight” against this person you’ve never met and don’t really know, then you might notice that you’re promoting others in a negative way.  Let’s say you might be making others “smaller, lesser, stupid, inept, silly or not as smart as you.”

    Why?  So you can feel smarter, superior, better than? If they are less, you’re more.  I don’t know.  Check it out.

    For a new game that’s usually a little more fun, why not find people you support, and talk about them.  When you look for ways to make yourself or others right, you see more of what’s working, you GET more of what’s working, because you celebrate what’s working.

    The bonus?  You feel better about life.  Your life gets better.  And what could possibly be better than that?!!!?

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