No, Ladies, He’s (Probably) Not Doing What You’re Thinking He’s Doing

Ladies, I’ve got news.

If he loves you….

…and he’s just done something that knocked you for a loop…

…and your heart is flopping on the floor gasping for breath…

…and you’re sure that he would never do THAT or SAY THAT  if he really loved you…


Consider that possibly, just possibly….

He didn’t do what you thought he did.

He DID NOT say what you thought he said.

He DIDN’T mean what you thought he meant.

Just possibly…. let’s start there.

Here is a small example, and I’m going to give you the first part of the story and then ask you to finish it and tell me the husband’s motivation for what he did.

Yes, this is a test — a relationship quiz question in the privacy of your own moment.  If you write me, I’ll tell you my answer.  Or the husband’s answer.  They are the same answer.  You can check your answer with mine, and more importantly the hubby’s.

Alright.  Here we go.

A husband and wife walk into a grocery store.  They need a loaf of bread (among other things, but the bread turns out to be the center of the controversy.)

The Mrs. walks to the bread counter and asks the bakers for a loaf of unsliced bread.  It’s almost closing time and what’s left are sliced loaves.  The baker and the wife have a detailed conversation and check the shelves and all the nooks and crannies where unsliced bread could be hiding.

Back with the husband now, the wife reports they are out of luck. No unsliced bread available.

The husband listens intently to the report, and promptly takes off for the bread counter.  The wife has a reaction.   She is miffed and upset.

Later, the Mrs. says to me (Terri),  “He didn’t believe me.  He’s questioning me. My words obviously meant nothing, my word means nothing.  I felt stupid.”

So the question is: Why did the husband go back to the bread counter?

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