The Wisteria Effect — Under the Lavender Spell

Biltmore Wisteria 1I don’t know what it is about Wisteria.

Seeing it causes me to stop in my tracks every time.

As in, “Wow…there is nothing more beautiful than this moment before me…”

Wisteria makes me breathe IN.  I slow down.

Then I stop.

In my world, that’s the Wisteria Effect.

Because Wisteria drips…

…and drapes…

…and bedazzles…

… and because it’s lavishly, luxuriously lavender.

Wisteria seems to be lit from within.  Maybe you, too, have noticed that its loveliness — its natural color and light — seem to say,    “Here’s my lavender heart, pouring out to you.”

And there’s (yet) another thing.

wisteria 1j longWisteria pours down, even as hundreds and hundreds of its tiny lavender petals lift up to the sky.  Even with all this lifting up, wisteria pours down, and down, and more down.

Ahhhh.  Wisteria is a waterfall of uplifting reassurance that “down” can be a very good thing.

And here’s a mystery for you…

It’s SO airy.  How does it DO that?

To look at this lavender wonder, it’s almost as if nothing-at-all is holding it together, yet there it is, all beautifully whimsical, petals practically perched in mid-air.

To acquire such lightness of being, wisteria must have feathery, floaty ideas about itself,  don’t you think?

It must have plenty of room for everything, it must breathe deeply, it must certainly have the ability to suspend thought and just BE.   All while dripping from a thick tree trunk, which is rooted down, down, down into mother earth.

Maybe Wisteria is the perfect advice for humans.  Perhaps something like this.

1.  Don’t hold back on your natural self expression.  It’s a beautiful thing ’cause it’s YOU. And it is uplifting to those around you.

2.  Hang more.  :–) Chill out more.  Relax more. Never mind what you’re hanging ON.  You’re the centerpiece of that Italian sofa, that beach chair, that Porsche, that herd of muddy children you know.

3. Lavender is a beautiful color. But whatever your color is, wear it often. People will probably tell you that you’re glowing  — that you’re practically lit from within.

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  • Thank you! I love wisteria too.
    I also learned from experience in SC that it has amazing life force, which if not nurtured in a helpful direction can be a nuisance! Do you think that also might be said of us (wisteria people)? I love the way the Smithsonian in DC has set it where it can drape and flower, yet not overtake the whole mall! Maybe there it “blooms where it’s planted”? Thanks! Happy spring!

  • Quite magical this Wisteria Effect. Thank you for giving voice to this exquisite gift of Nature – flowing down like grace, lifting up all those who dare to notice. Like you, my friend, precious poet of the moment.

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