#2 A Note About Caregiving From The Caregiver

Every Monday, I plan to publish a past communication or two or three about Eric Russ and his Health Journey that originally appeared in Caring Bridge.  For anyone with a “health opportunity” as my nurse friend calls it, I hope these posts are helpful.

God Morning!

I know that I just typed a typo and I’m leaving it just like that because it’s perfect.

It is 10:30 and I’m the only one awake.  The house is so quiet.  I took advantage of the quiet and did some blessed yoga.

Since Eric isn’t up yet, and I really don’t know what to say about him, I wanted to write a short note from the caregiver — that would be me…. :–) about care giving. It is clear to me — extra clear these days — how important to be easy about things with the person you’re taking care of, and letting everything flow the way it’s flowing.  I’ve always known that, but now I know it in my bones.

So I got up to have some time to myself. I really love the silence and calm while I look outside at the beauty of the day and do my best to stay in the present.  This helps me not focus on the day ahead or what should be done to prepare for the day, or clean up the kitchen or plan a meal or whatever.  The day will get busy soon enough.  I don’t have to start on it in the quiet of the morning.

While I did yoga I listened to this on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/Y6WElxbbOGw.  And while philosophies among humans differ tremendously, and who knows if the talk would be interesting or helpful to you, this 14 minute talk helped me center myself for the day.  And that’s what’s important.  It helped me, so I can help Eric all day.  And that’s what matters — whatever helps me be more myself, more available, more calm, more loving.  On the farm where I grew up, I used to get up in the morning and go be with the animals.   Later in my life, I lived by the ocean for many years, and I would go for a walk and listen to the waves and feel the sand between my toes.  So many things work.  We just have to give ourselves permission to take the time to do them.

My mantra today:  The Universe is always helping me.  Things are always turning out well for me.

Love to all of you.  I will let you know how Eric is when he is up and around.
Terri Crosby

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