Go Ahead and Give It To The River


Vivid dreams don’t come often in my life, but I love it when they do, and they usually involve water.

This past week I had a doozy —  a Blazingly Beautiful Big Screen Dream Experience, complete with Dolby Surround Sound.  Quite something!

I was standing in a structure in the middle of a forest, a structure that felt like home, but didn’t look like home.  I was there with a woman I would describe as spiritually inauthentic.  In my book, she pretends to be a highly evolved being.

…Meaning that she speaks the “right words,” while my BS detector goes off like a crazy raging siren.  To say the very least, she is an interesting lesson for me.

What is this woman doing in my life?  Perhaps my experience of her was a prompt for me to do a little “come to Jesus” of my own.  I decided to  pay more attention to my words matching my intention matching my actions.  And when I found something that wasn’t authentic about me, I would do my best to let it go, clean it up, transform it.

Heaven knows, we all have those places where we pretend, lie, or fake our way through something or other.    It’s just part of being human.  We’re all learning as fast as we can.

And what a gift from this woman I don’t really like.  Ahem.

So I decided to pay more attention to my own authenticity.  When was I BS-ing?  When was I telling myself a lie, for instance by saying I wanted to shift something in my life, and then la-dee-dah-ing around about it  — just hanging out on the comfy couch with my soft blankie of old habits, not taking steps in the direction of what I say I want.

Hmmmm. You know.  Be more authentic.  Alrighty then.  I get it.

And Now — Back To The Epic Dream

The woman started talking to me about how she is open to receive gifts from the Universe, and how easy it is for her, and how wonderful life is for her.

And I thought judgmentally to myself, “Right, and here we go again with this yakety-yak that means absolutely nothing…all empty words.”

She continued without the slightest hitch-in-her-giddy-up, of course.  She announced in a rather grand way that someone had given her a really amazing gift just recently — the gift of a river.

A River?  Really?

And I thought, “A RIVER?  What?  Oh puuh-leeze…”

At that moment, I noticed a river flowing on the left side of the structure we were standing in.  A river out of nowhere!  Maybe she was right!   She had been given a darn river, and there it was!  I felt amazed and intrigued, because we were in the middle of a forest on dry ground.

She continued to pontificate about this great spiritual gift she had been given (because she was such a great and wonderful person you know, and spiritually evolved people receive things easily and effortlessly and their lives look extra magical blah blah blah).

Suddenly, I had an impulse to walk forward.  As I walked, the wall before me disappeared and I noticed that the river was now flowing in front of the “house” — and flowing fast.   The water sounds around us were  growing.

I looked to the left.

There was a magnificently huge sinkhole in this brand new river with thousands of gallons of water per second flowing down into it.  The hole was gradually expanding as the water descended into it, which I thought it was impressive.  I felt awe and wonder.

As we stood near the rushing water, the sounds grew even louder.  The woman was speaking pretty emphatically now about how wonderful this gift was, and how wonderful it was that she could receive it.

I told myself to just calm down and listen to her.

When she got to the part about how we all come from the river and how we all go back to the river, well, then something big happened.

She went back to the river.

A big burst of energy sucked her out of the house, head first into the water.  I remember seeing her hair flying, the bottom hem of her long rippling skirt, and the bottoms of her bare feet.

She went fast.

She was gone.

I stood there quietly.  All I could think was, “Wow.”

Time To Go

I walked back to center.  I turned to my left again, and the house-type-structure disappeared, leaving only a wooden floor.  The floor became a clanging banging gangplank type thing.  The far end of it lowered (forcefully and loudly with water rushing and gushing everywhere) and then raised back up as suddenly and loudly as it had plummeted.  In the next seconds, the floor gangplank was sucked away by the river just as swiftly as the woman with the flying hair, long skirt and bare feet.

At that moment I said to myself, “Time to go.”  No hesitation, just awareness.  I turned right, and walked onto dry ground and into the deep green forest and woke up from the dream.


Just Give It To The River

It took a couple of days of pondering to integrate what I experienced.

The bottom line:  the river can take anything I don’t need.  Anything that’s not me.  The flow of water can handle anything that no longer serves me.

Whatever I’m doing, thinking or saying that doesn’t match who I really am — the river can take it away.  And if I’ve got a really big deal thing I’m dealing with, I can send it to the sink hole.   The sink hole can spin it into something brand new.  The sink hole can handle anything.

So, go ahead.  The river can take it. Give it anything that gets in the way of you going with your flow.

And you don’t need that stuff anyway.   Without it, it’s easier to be the happy kid person you really are.  And why not?  So much yet to see and experience!   So many miles to go before we sleep.


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  • I have been working with my dreams for a long time and that was incredible. And you weaved it into a story. I love your work and using the thought of giving it to the river is sooo helpful. Thank you

    • Thank you Jeanne! So beautiful the way you said that. Dream on! So much to learn from dreams. MacKenzie and I had an amazing conversation at breakfast this morning about our seemingly epic realizations lately. Soooo fun :–) Love to you.

  • Epic is right! wow, and water relates to the subconscious… You’re writing is so authentic:) I very much enjoy reading each post.

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