#3 Let’s Try Everything

Every Monday, I plan to publish a past communication or two about Eric Russ and his Health Journey that originally appeared in Caring Bridge.  For anyone with a “health opportunity” as my nurse friend calls it, I hope these posts are helpful.

A friend of ours from Georgia has offered to break down her 9 foot Oxygen chamber, bring it here, and set it up in our home for a week while her business is closed over the Holidays.  We should have it sometime today.  Apparently, in other countries, using this oxygen therapy for cancer treatment is common.

We are looking forward to seeing if it helps Eric.  His pain levels are increasing, and time is of the essence.

Thank you for all your wonderful prayers.


John of God

Eric did have a remote session with John of God on Christmas morning. Some herbs were prescribed for him.  Everyone gets the same herb (I forget what it’s called) but the herbs are imprinted or infused with whatever John of God is giving you energetically. A woman hand carried Eric’s herbs to the US from central Brazil (she was coming back anyway) and she is sending them overnight once she arrives in the US, which is supposed to be today and the herbs should arrive here hopefully on Monday.

When you have a remote session with John of God, you don’t hear anything verbal, you’re not on the phone or Skype, you just get a message from the person who is personally in charge of presenting your photo to John of God.  The message tells you whether you got herbs to take, or if remote surgery is scheduled in the future, or if he requests that you come to Brazil for treatment.  We’re new at this, but that’s what we understand.


He’s Awake

Eric just woke up this morning.  I asked him how he is doing and he mentioned how tired he is and keeps falling asleep.  Our big white cat is contentedly curled up with him.

I asked him what he’d like to tell you all and he said, “Sing. Tell them to make music.”

So there you go!  Sing around your house today.  Sing in the car.  Sing out!


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