#5 Happy New Year And He’s Fading

Every Monday, I plan to publish a past communication or two about Eric Russ and his Health Journey that originally appeared in Caring Bridge.  For anyone with a “health opportunity” as my nurse friend calls it, I hope these posts are helpful.

Happy New Year…

Eric is not eating much at all — a few bites here and there. He does his best to drink water, and is sleeping or resting quite a bit.  He seems to be fading.  He is not feeling strong, and is having gas pains in the abdominal area which are very strong and uncomfortable.

The herbs from John of God did not come on Monday or Tuesday as we had hoped or thought they would.  This was especially disappointing to Eric.  And they won’t come today since it is a holiday.

HIs spirit is down, his body is weak.  So for our New Year’s Eve dinner last night, we took our plates and had dinner in the bedroom with him.  He liked that.  We spoke of happier times.

love and blessings to all in this New Year.

More Ups and Downs

As many of you know, the healing process can be all over the map and this one surely is. Last night was a tough night, and I’ll spare you the details.  It looks obvious that the oxygen chamber is doing something significant, although we don’t really know WHAT, but I can tell you that it is currently making his elimination systems work overtime.  I hope that’s a good thing in the long run.  To say that it is helping him feel more comfortable is still a long shot, but from what I can see up close and personal, there are changes taking place.

He is sleeping this morning, and says he wants to get in the chamber, but keeps falling asleep.  I will go check on him again soon.  He is still not eating much.  Food isn’t particularly appealing to him.  I’ve heard from other cancer patients that the sense of taste changes quite drastically…meaning food just doesn’t taste great anymore, and it becomes more like a  job to eat.

Corrinne, Eric’s sister from Virginia, is here until sometime on Sunday.  It is so wonderful to have her here.  She has been a Godsend.

I’ll keep you posted….

Headed Back to the Hospital with Eric

Just a short note to say that Eric is headed back to Pardee Hospital tonight.  He just left in the ambulance. He can’t keep food down, is weak, and is dehydrated.

If anyone is able to offer Eric the gift of Reiki in person at the hospital, or energy work that doesn’t involve touching his body (everything hurts, he is hypersensitive), please call me to arrange it.  You are also welcome to reach out to him remotely with Reiki or similar and send any blessings his way.  If you would like him to know that you are doing this, please let me know and I will tell him.

Terri 714-240-4889

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