It Has Been An EPIC Week — All About Sisters

I just can’t seem to write a “normal” blog this week (whatever that is…)

You know, advice on relationships. Helpful Hints. How-To’s.  Problems and Solutions.  Questions and Answers.

I’m fresh out of that.  It’s just not happening.  I think I’m on my third try.  Apparently, I’m just not in the mood for “normal.”

So I’m going to tell you about my (epic) week….

Mac and Angela 2014 summer

For starters, my niece from Iowa is here.  And she and my daughter have had the time they crave — hours and hours to talk, go see things and talk some more.  They had a picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway, declared their epic futures, and celebrated both of their upcoming birthdays — early!

They are sisters in the best and truest sense.

And of course there are the peels of laughter coming from both of them out of the downstairs windows at any hour, which is so infectious that Eric and I look at each other and start to giggle out loud ourselves.


Then came the visit to local metal artist, Catherine Murphy in Asheville, who owns Haw Creek Forge.  (If you hover over her name, I’ve included a clickable link)

Catherine Murphy wall hangings

Catherine and I have the good fortune of having done a whole lot of hours of yoga next to each other on the floor!  We know each others down dog pretty intimately.

Anyway, Catherine showed my niece Angela around her Haw Creek production facility, and was the consummate hostess with the most-est.

When Angela walked into Haw Creek Forge and could hardly contain herself.   She practically shivered.

“I want one just like this!”  she said.

Angela gets excited about sheet metal, rolls of copper, and machines that press, fold and imprint.  Catherine showed Angela a whole bin of items where she had used fold forming to produce the result, which left Angela wide-eyed.

At one point on the visit,  Catherine picked up a piece of metal and showed Angela how one of the big ol’  machines worked its magic.  And both Catherine and Angela breathed and smiled in the same way at the same moment (I would describe it as reserved ecstasy) about the wonders of  this machine.  I could tell — even from the side view — that their eyes were sparkling!  And after the happy, quick in-breath, they both looked up, and we all started laughing.

I love how much they both love metal!  It’s a delight to be around their delight.

And speaking of sisters — Catherine Murphy’s sister works with her in the business and has for years.  Margy is an integral part of Catherine’s production team.  On our visit, we found Margy painting the garden snakes with a chemical that transforms the copper color, and then all those happy snakes get to join Catherine’s garden collection.

Catherine is one of those people where you never feel that you’re wasting her time.  Isn’t that gorgeous?  Catherine is present, right there with you.  It was downright heavenly to be with her, especially in her element at Haw Creek Forge.


Sky Chorus I

And then!

Yes, the EPIC week of all-things-sisterly goes on!

I traveled with other Womansong members to a 3-day Sister Singers Network event.  Gosh, it was big!  Women everywhere.  Somewhere around 500 singers from around the US came together to sing!

Talk about a collection of sisters!

There was every kind of woman imaginable there… big-little, masculine-feminine, funny-serious, proper-improper, talkative-quiet, bold-timid, and on and on.

Above is the photo of ONE of the Mass Choirs — the other chorus was even larger!  We sang, rehearsed, sang, rehearsed.  Well, you get the picture.  There was a whole lot of singing going on.   And visiting with each other of course!

Then back home, just to end things on an EAR-i-ly interesting note….

We had a little ear acupuncture by our friend Bishka Ravenel.

Ahhhh.  So relaxing.  We all slept like a baby that night!

Angela -- acupuncture




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