What’s The Connection Between Falling Water and Inner Wisdom?


raindrops on leaves 1This morning I sat on my front porch and listened to the forest around me.  I closed my eyes.

Morning sounds are subtle, beautiful and varied.



There is a medium to low hummmmmmmm…

…and a high pitch insect hum…

…punctuated by a wren or sparrow or crow calling out into the morning …

… and there are individual insect sounds…

On this particular morning, the gentle breeze caused leftover raindrops from last night’s rain to fall from the tops of trees, down, down, down, leaf by leaf all the way to the forest floor.  This is one of my very favorite sounds.

The sound of rain, a stream, or falling water is calming to me.  Raindrops falling on leaves is my go-to sound whenever I realize I want to slow down.   I imagine this sound when I take five  minutes to sit during a busy day, to center myself.

It goes something like this.

My body is  the trunk of a tree, and the top of the tree is far above my head.   Thousands of leaves cradle thousands of raindrops.  The drops of water are tucked in the curves of the leaves, or on the bark of the tiny twig holding the leaf, or in the place where the twig and the branch meet.  Along comes a soft breeze. moving my upper branches  just enough to create inner rain.  I feel the raindrops falling through me, nourishing my cells as they fall.

The feeling of each raindrop as it falls is “yes…”

Or “Ahhhhh…”

Or “There, there… everything’s gonna be alright…”raindrops on leaves 3

And here’s a variation of this.  On a computer break, I stand up for a minute or five, and I shake my branches, like I’m a tree, and imagine all the liquid inside me re-arranging itself.  It feels really, really good.

What a wonderful antidote to all that sitting while typing!






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