From Epicurious: The Procrastinator’s Guide to Thanksgiving


Written by Terri Crosby for In Care of Relationships

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m posting something from Epicurious, one of my favorite websites about food.  If I need a recipe, this is my go-to site.

If you’re behind the 8 ball, are in a hurry, or need a kinder, simpler Thanksgiving, go to this link on Epicurious!  The Procrastinator’s Guide To Thanksgiving.


See you next week, with more on food.  It’s that season, you know.


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About Terri Crosby — I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Eric, my partner of 14 years, two cats and a dog, and as many flowers and vegetables as I can plant.

It is my experience that children are born to teach (remind) parents, not the other way around.   I’ve learned more from my daughter MacKenzie than from all other humans combined.

I’m in favor of wandering time in the morning, listening to the birds calling to each other in the woods all around me.

Making fresh food is one of life’s big yummy pleasures, along with singing – especially creating heavenly, improvisational, prayerful, meditational sound.

I believe that poet Mary Oliver writes the best bedtime stories available on Earth.


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