The Biggest — Huge Deal — in Brilliant Relationships

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Written by Terri Crosby for In Care of Relationships

SO many relationship-ish concepts, so little time.

But here’s one that matters.  And it matters BIG.

It has to do with how you perceive your partner, child, family member.

No surprise there, you say, but what else?

Here’s the question of the day.

As my friend, my mother, my partner, my whoever — Can you see me in this moment as I am now, or are you thinking I’m the same as last time we talked or were together?

How you see me guides our relationship.

How you perceive me shapes our relationship.

How you perceive me governs what you see, therefore what you believe, therefore what you expect, therefore what you create, therefore what you have.

How you see me is what you get from me.Lenses

That’s a BIG deal.

Here are more ways to say this idea:

  • Are you curious?  And open?  Are you in this new moment with me?  Or do you think you already know me?
  • Do you know me, see me, and hear me right now? Or are you holding me in the place I was 5 days ago, or 3 years ago, or yesterday or a minute ago?
  • Do you see me as my yesterday self, my last year self, or can you leave all that behind, so that I can as well?
  • Why bring then into now, unless you liked then?
  • Are you assuming I’m the same as I was or have been or are you assuming I’m an evolving being?
  • If you hold me to what I used to be, or see me as I used to be, can you understand how it might be more difficult to be seen — around you — for who I am now, who I’ve become?
  • Am I — the new and ever-evolving me — visible to you?  As in this quote from a poem by e e cummings:  “… now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened.”

Think about these things and have a holy cow, a-ha, wow kind of week.  Let me know what happens!  How did you see newly?


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About Terri Crosby — I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Eric, my partner of 14 years, two cats and a dog, and as many flowers and vegetables as I can plant.  I love really good food, good friends, good relationships!




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