{Video Blog} Failure, Empowerment and Taking Responsibility

In this video my definition of a mistake is making a decision or taking an action while being out of touch with my broader knowing. A mistake can feel bad because it is an action which is not lined up with who I really am.


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  • Terri, what would you say was the galvanizing change that you made you improve your relationship situation? I’d really like to know.

    • The very biggest change for me is that I stopped acting like a victim of my circumstances. I took my foot out of the door — you know that thing when you have “one foot out the door”? I turned the finger I had been pointing at other people and pointed the finger at me. I took everything that I had tossed in someone else’s lap and put it deliberately and consciously back in mine. I stopped looking at Eric, for instance, as if he had done me wrong, or could ever do me wrong in the future. I decided he was always doing his best and so was I.

      I took responsibility. What a concept. It made all the difference and continues to make all the difference.

      Thank you for asking!

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