One Simple Truth That Makes A Difference


I could view my life as if there is a lot wrong with it. I could make a long list.

With head hanging low, I could say that my progress in certain areas has been slow or non-existent. I could believe that things are far from perfect, things are hopelessly challenging, things are uncertain.

I could call that a problem, something to worry about.

I could also believe that I am at the mercy of it all. On some days, that would be pretty easy.

What’s true?

Perception is a skill, a gift and a privilege. We are given the ability to interpret anything any way we choose. I was given the ability to see good or see trouble. So were you. This is true for every human.

This morning, I’m in a place where I see good. I like this place and I appreciate my ability to see the glass half full, the bright side of life, and how everything is truly OK.

The other day when I found myself comparing my circumstances to others, or wishing for what I don’t have, then, not so much.

A few days later, I had a flash, a lightning bolt of understanding, a lit up moment that felt bolder and clearer than usual. It’s one of those moments where you realize something you already “know”, but you get it every which way —  physically, mentally, emotionally. You get the ka-thunk of understanding, the whole ball of wax.

I saw my life as perfect for me.

I got it all the way down to my toes, in my heart, in my mind, and in every cell in my body.

I saw how the very things I sometimes consider “wrong” are the things that have helped me the most. 

And then — this flash of brilliance went away! It vanished! Of course it did! (This is always the grand joke, isn’t it?) Flashes don’t last, but they are unforgettable.

It has taken many years to understand that my life just might be the life I asked for.


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  • I love it! How are you old friend? I turned 65 in July and couldn’t be happier.
    I think you have found a wonderful place to live. I hear nothing but wonderful things about your town. Still hope to visit one day!
    Susan Peterson Gamage

    • Oh, Susan!!! So fabulous to hear from you! You’ll have to come out this wayand visit! I have a stunning room for you if you give me notice. We have an AirBnB room downstairs that’s all windows and looks out on the mountains. I love that you and I can still pick up right where we left off when we get together, never missing a beat SINCE COLLEGE!!!! I SO love that. You’re one of my favorite humans :—)))), you know? Love you!

  • Beautiful, Bright thoughts, Terri! I know this kathunk of which you speak – it can come about a core issue, a troublesome circumstance, or as you experienced an entire life. SO freeing. I remember the one that unhooked things for me & pivoted me from trying to fix the past to embracing my now – I was trimming shrubbery in my yard in Montford, soon after I moved to Asheville. That was in 1991, & it was so changing that I’m feeling it again as I write this. Isn’t Life amazing?? Thanks for sharing … xo!

  • Beautiful and brilliant, and I feel it in my body/being as you share it. (Thank you for your masterful ability to do that!)
    Love, love, love
    P.S. Thanks for letting me know this was “short and sweet” as it was a nice addition to my day I might have put off otherwise!

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