May Your Holidays Be A Holy Adventure


My friend and I are having a holy adventure as our husbands deal with physical challenges. We text back and forth, sometimes we talk. Mostly, we give encouragement to each other about this holy experience.

Are you having a holy adventure of some kind, an experience worthy of devotion, filled with divine learning? Is this moment a holy adventure? Will your home be brimming with holy adventure soon?

Here are some gentle thoughts about blending with the circumstances of your Holidays, and embracing the elements of your very own holy experience, whenever and however it comes.

Let others have their experience.

Don’t rescue them from their feelings, let feelings come to the surface. Let them be revealed to the person having them. You can’t change what’s happening with others, or what they are thinking or experiencing. Don’t get out your whisk broom and clean it up like it was never there. Let everything be what it is and show itself.

Give up seeking love and approval. girl-714212_640

Find the love that you are and feel that. Look from love at anything and everything. Whatever is in front of you is another version of love. See if you can find it and feel it. It’s like where’s Waldo, only it’s about love and goodness. “Only by seeking the truth within will you find the love you can never lose.” Byron Katie

Be mindful of the energy flowing out of you and pay less attention to energy coming from others.

If someone is upset, if they are having a holiday fit, it’s just that, it’s a fit. It’s not against you or about you. It’s what they are feeling, simple as that. Let it be, let it be, let it be.

Go easy on yourself and others.

Be nicer to yourself. Give yourself a break. Take the easy road. Make the meal with what you have on hand. Create a gift from your heart. Don’t sweep the floor. Getting the floor swept will not part the Red Sea, and no one will die if you don’t sweep. I promise you’re good either way. Lower your standards or ask for help.

Say less and do less about more things.

Use fewer words. Breathe more. Go slower. Let things unfold. Be who you are, which is simple love. Say what you mean from who you are, which requires no justification, no explaining. Be the still center.  This is good for you, and for everyone in your Holiday house. 

The whole world belongs to you.

The world is here for you. What is your guidance about how to be in this world of yours? Are you listening to that still, small voice inside? What is it saying?



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