Wise Words From Gangaji On Finding Yourself





Gangaji says:

“The great good news is that love is free and it has not gone anywhere. In all of these aeons that you have been hiding from love, love is still here, it is still open, it is still waiting for your commitment, still waiting for you to say, ‘Yes, I give my life to the truth of love. I vow to let love live this life as it will, for better or worse, for richer or poorer.’

The love that you search for everywhere is already present within you.

It may be evoked by any number of people or events. A mountain can evoke this love. A sunset can evoke this love.

But finally, you must realize you are this love. The source of all love is within you.

My teacher told me to stop where you are, just stop. That is really, basically what I offer you. I guarantee that if you are willing to investigate for yourself, you’ll find, in the heart of the matter, peace.

There may be pain right before the moment of investigation, and there may be disbelief or denial of what’s found. But if there’s a willingness to stop following any thought, you will find even deeper peace and fulfillment.

Finally, you will recognize you are discovering the truth of who you are. You are not really finding peace and fulfillment, those are just the byproducts. You are finding yourself.

What is always here is here now. What is always here is the only thing that is permanent. If you want anything else, you want something that will disappear someday.

So it is very wise to want what is always here. Then you want yourself.”

~~ Gangaji

This week, whatever our personal journey, may our hearts be open, or may they crack open. May our eyes hear and our ears see. May we have a greater sense of what is true and everlasting. May we know love.


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