Surprise! Can’t Walk!

Something happened to my right knee last night. I was walking and then I couldn’t.

At the moment, exactly what happened is a mystery. Last night I walked into a board meeting, and couldn’t walk out.

After the meeting, I was wheeled out to my car, drove home (yes, the bad knee is my driving leg), hobbled through the garage, and scooted up the steps on my behind into a wheelchair. With Eric having his own waking challenges, this makes us a pretty handicapped household!

I’m headed to some sort of doctor this morning, I’m sure, to see what’s up.

In the meantime, I’m learning how to navigate in a wheelchair. I’m glad we had an extra one! I have a new appreciation for anyone on two wheels, I can tell you that. I have taken for granted so many basics, like standing. And going across the room to get a drink of water.

I’m also thinking about how to re-design wheelchairs. Seriously, how is one supposed to carry things that spill? No cup holder? ? And what about a handy pocket for a cell phone? How about a smaller and lighter chair to get around those pesky corners?

It’s time to call the doctor. All for now.


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