Quotes from Women In Their Sixties

I trust your holidays were good for you and provided just what you needed.  I traveled to San Francisco to see my daughter MacKenzie and her husband John. We explored the city and had a great time cooking together, walking together and talking together. I was also able to see a couple of girlfriends I had not seen for many years. Loved it all!

Since returning home, I began re-editing my relationship book, which has been sitting for close to a year after Eric’s passing (how time flies!). As you might imagine, I’ll be going through the material with new eyes. This takes time. I plan to continue to blog, but pieces will be shorter and simpler. I enjoy writing, I appreciate that you read what I write and talk to me about it. This way, we can stay in touch while I finish the book.

I went to lunch with a group of women the other day, and one of the women said something that struck home with the women around the table. This moment gave me the idea of doing the next few weeks of blogs using (mostly anonymous) quotes from women we know and love, including you. If you have a favorite pithy or funny quote, or something you believe and want to share, please send it to me at InCareOfRelationships@gmail.com and I will consider using it. Thank you in advance.

With that, here are this week’s quotes.


“I don’t have a husband any more, but I still sleep on the same side of the bed. Even when I go to a hotel, I stand at the end of the bed and notice I have a whole bed, and I could sleep anywhere I want to — in the middle, or on the opposite side — but I don’t. I sleep where I’ve always slept. I sleep on “my side.”


When asked if she sees herself having another relationship since her long-time husband is no longer in the picture: “No, that would at some point involve being naked with someone and I don’t see myself doing that.”


“It’s hard to imagine myself without everything that was handed to me as ‘the truth.’ All of us were given ideas growing up of course, and these were reinforced over time as in ‘that’s just what you do.’ But what is embedded in me — is it actually true for me??? That’s the million dollar question. And who would I be without adopted truths? What if I looked within more often for what is waiting to be seen by me? Who would I be then? I’d like to find out.”

Gangaji video “The Heart Can Bear It All”

“So we get to the question of ‘What does it mean to know the truth, tell the truth?’ And that gets very risky because to know the truth is first to sink through what’s been denied is the truth. To be willing to tell the truth is to risk losing everything. When you’ve made a choice to be committed to the truth, then the truth becomes a ruthless master. That commitment will expose every aspect of hiding.”

Blessings for your week! Please think about your favorite ideas from women you know and consider sending them my way. You can write the essence of what they said and that will work fine, too, and it will be an anonymous quote unless you tell me otherwise. Let’s share the wisdom and humor!


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