Rain Lessons. Welcoming The Pause for Love.

Water falling from the sky is the perfect antidote for busy. The rain softens me.

As a storm travels across the valley below, it brushes the upper edges of the mountain range in the distance, inviting sky and mountain to meet gently, blur boundaries.

When rain moves in, the Blue Ridge Mountains, dark blue as blue can be, begin to take rest. They fall back. Some peaks disappear completely. Some recede draped in sheets of translucent mist.

When it rains, I do what the mountains do. What’s front and center, what’s urgent retreats in favor of the sound of water, lush moisture, and earthy smells.

It’s quieter, too, after a downpour. Livings things pause to drink. Absorb. Take in nourishment.


Do you take moments to soften like the mountains do? Do you let the rain have her way with you?

Do you set aside the spade, the rake, and the hand trowel to notice the shower of love coming from all around you? Quiet, steady love from the trees, let’s say. Or from living things (you can’t even see) who do their daily part. Do you feel the love from spring blossoms about to burst?

Do you enjoy rain moments with your loved ones? That moment when your fork pauses in midair while the fondness (floating like happy mist) between you and your dear friend soaks into your heart.

Did you notice just now your husband’s soft mountain face looking over at you? Did you feel his rain love?

Your partner across the table is eating her breakfast. She’s paying loving attention to the details of your morning face. Can you be the mountain, let her love brush over you, soften your edges? That bowl of fresh fruit (love) before you, and her love — do both nourish you? Are you soil receiving rain?

Your grand daughter is on the porch swing with you. She wants to do nothing at all. No books, no storytelling. Instead, she leans on you and watches how the breeze moves her world this way and that. That’s all she wants, the feel of (rain mama) you.

May rain on misty mountains guide your days today and always. After all, the rain knows everything.


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