100 Words: The Scoop On True Partnership

Why bother to save a marriage on the rocks? Perhaps it would be smarter to start over. Get something shiny and new, like with shoes or a car.

Why be in a relationship? Do you know why anyone gets together with another to create a life?

One answer rules: We think it will make us happy.

But often it doesn’t.

What if marriage is only about rising up to become your best YOU? If true, this intent is not accomplished in idyllic circumstances. One must be questioned, opposed, challenged.

Now isn’t that partner of yours helping more than you thought? 

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  • My husband, Ken, and I can attest to the idea that marriage is indeed a very good way to rub the edges smooth; to learn better communication skills, ways to be thoughtful, and seeing ourselves more clearly through each others’ eyes. I takes commitment. We have been together for almost 40 years.

  • And besides the one on one partnership, there are others, such as Womansong, where such dimensions of being questioned, sometimes oppossed, and often challenged. are present as well. And still we rise, rise, to be the best person we can be!..

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