100 Words: Simple Love

The longer I live, the simpler I get. Things are clearer, faster. Not much matters except love — for myself, for others.

Why for myself?

My capacity to love me is the cap on how much I’m able to love you. It would have to be. And yes, loving the self takes practice. Awareness. A lifetime.

Self-critical moments are ever-available, arriving promptly, dressed in starched collars, ready to work, should we call on them to speak, offer authority.

To improve any relationship, love your cobweb corners, and that time you couldn’t fly. Hold your own hand, walk gently into your day.

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  • I will echo Brenda’s comments…..So True…….. !

    And add how much a gift it is to be re-minded about “loving our cobweb corners’ (haven’t heard it phrased that way before :-), and “holding our own hand”.

    Thank you Terri – for your ongoing gift of bringing profoundly important life ‘moments’ to life with your use of words……THANK YOU !!!

  • I love when you say love my cobweb corners and the time I couldn’t fly. I was thinking this morning about a relationship and my cobwebs in it. Loving myself in those times when I was blind and couldn’t fly seems so important to my now. Thank you.

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