100 Words: My Old Friend, Change.

Moving to a new household — so many choices.

Where does the heavy cooking pot go, or shall I give it wings? What about this perfect stack of porcelain, this whisk of all whisks? Where exactly will I sleep, dress, brush my teeth?

Am I alone on this journey?

Not in the least. Change, my faithful life partner, is visiting. Encouraging, hovering, sometimes demanding attention.

And yes, tapping gently on my heart.

How will this go? Will we remain friends, speak often, solve matters of love in an evolving, satisfying way?

Will we grow together, stroll into the sunset, die happy?

In Care of Relationships, my old friend change, Terri Crosby

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  • Terri………What an expansive set of words for me……

    While there are many members on what I call my ‘inner council’……..
    fear, grief, love, joy, overwhelm (an only recently recognized member :-),
    I hadn’t re-cognized til I read your words that change is also an integral member of my council .

    And HOW I ‘see’ and perceive her (and ultimately – relate to her) has truly been expanded by your words….’life partner……tapping gently on my heart……..’

    Thank you dear heart…….THANK YOU……..for once again I-lluminating in such a unique and expansive way both our (seemingly) inner and outer worlds – & and holy wholeness of it all…..

    Ever and all-ways……..gratefully yours,

    • Bless you, Teria. Love what you said! And this is one of those times when I SO learn from writing. I have a new way of seeing change, too, because of this blog. I didn’t hold change so close until I wrote this. Love, Terri

  • The only thing I consider a constant is change, how ironic is that!
    And tis true, sometimes change evolves, and sometimes it whacks us up side of our head and we stumble around a bit in a daze til we find sure footing.

    May change bring a new songbird to your window, a different angle for the sunrise, and a special place for your whisk.

    • Made me smile, Shiner! thank you! And yes, change is constant, but then there’s CHANGE. When CHANGE comes knockin’ that’s (to me) a bigger deal. Which is where I am. It’s the bigger deal. :–))) love, Terri

  • The way you talk about Change draws me to it!! As Shiner said change is everyday and I greet that too. Always a challenge to live up to what its asking.

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