Today, A Song of Compassion.

In a world where striving and improvement are often the order of the day, when positive thinking is the antidote for trouble you’re up against, there comes a moment to stop all of it, to be extra-tender with ourselves.
Maybe our wings are tired and we need a rest.
Maybe we need compassion.
The song “She Used To Be Mine” is full of compassion. It’s from the musical, “Waitress,” playing currently on Broadway at Brooks Atkinson Theatre. 
This piece by Sara Bareilles (who wrote the score for the musical, “Waitress”)  is a moment of slowing down, of confessing, of looking honestly at the state of things. She tells us how her world has unfolded, about what has happened vs. what she had hoped for, about her dreams, about where life stands.
Because of its tenderness, I submit this song as salve, as comfort for whatever you, or someone you know, might be facing. Sarah’s song is shelter for her own heart, but also for anyone who has experienced any part of her story. 
In the words of Sara Bareilles, “She is all of this, mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie…”

Have a blessed week.

With love,

Image by Constance Kowalik from Pixabay

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