SUMMER SHORTS: Shall I Stay or Shall I Go?

One “aha” during the agonizing “shall I stay or shall I go” chapter of my relationship with Eric was to realize there was no true urgency to decide one way or another, even though I felt inner pressure to make a decision.

I realized I didn’t have to figure it out, force it to happen, or hurry things up — that if I relaxed and let things unfold, our relationship would go wherever it did naturally, and it would become obvious what to do.

If I felt confused about staying or leaving, that was a signal that it was too early to figure out whether we would part ways. If things naturally improved, and we ended up staying together, that was fine with me, too.

I let things be. I backed off. I stopped trying to figure it out. I’m glad I did that. I recommend this approach wholeheartedly.

(P.S. Except in cases of abuse. If there is abuse, leave. Figure out the rest of the details later.)

This approach of allowing a path to reveal itself is a good one in many situations that seem urgent, but are truly not.

Photo credit Image by Soorelis from Pixabay.

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