SUMMER SHORTS: You’ll Never Believe How I Met The Man Who Gave Me My Daughter.

Along my adventurous path, I had a wonderful fling with a man I didn’t know was already taken. We had a lovely time, including long talks about spirituality, philosophy and life, as well as a particularly memorable intimate experience on the open road in his Porsche.

Soon after returning home, however, I received a call from a really pissed off woman yelling into the phone about what a fraud I was.

Which caught me entirely by surprise. What? A fraud?

She went on…. How could I own a consulting company professing to help women while having an affair with another woman’s man?

Given that, I admit she had a point.

Without hesitation, I apologized. I let her know that I had no idea he was spoken for, that he had somehow forgotten to mention he was living with a woman, and apparently I hadn’t thought to ask.

Reluctantly, I broke things off with him. True to my pattern, I didn’t ask enough questions at the beginning of the relationship.

I dove into being with him with full optimism, assuming full disclosure, thinking the ocean of love was warm and open for swimming. But apparently, whether it was open for swimming depended on who you asked.

There’s a really good ending to this story. When that very upset woman calmed down, she did the smartest thing imaginable.

For insurance purposes, she introduced me to a friend of hers, a single and available man. Pretty brilliant, don’t you think, to say, “Get out of my territory, and by the way, there’s this man you should meet…”

Sure enough, there’s an upside to everything, a silver lining to every cloud. The gentleman she introduced me to would eventually be the father of my daughter.

He was an acrobatic skier-turned-artist who lived within twenty minutes of my doorstep. He was a blonde, blue-eyed 5’7″ wonder, and quite the departure from my usual preference at that time for tall, dark and handsome. I thought it was rather smart of my daughter to choose such a darling looking dad, and yes, she has fine blonde hair just like him.

With that, I hope you’re having a super-delightful summer!

Image by Ronny Overhate from Pixabay

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  • Great story, Terri! Why is it that the “other” woman or “other” man always blames someone for “taking” them? I would have said “Thank you for showing me his true side.” I guess she did, in a way. Then it would be time for revenge. They have to sleep some time, ya know.

    • Yep, it’s a good story with a really good ending. From my point of view, there’s no need for revenge on either side. I got a daughter and what could be better than that, and the woman got some valuable information about the guy she was living with. I always wondered what happened with the two of them, whether they continued together on their journey or split up. I never spoke to either of them again…

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