What Happens When A Woman Takes Power?

“What Happens When A Woman” is a beautiful song-video that communicates what happens when a woman takes power.

The feel of the song suggests that “taking power” isn’t about seizing power from someone or something. Taking power isn’t a reaction or a solution. It is not “Me, Too” or feminism or working toward equal rights. It’s something entirely different.

Taking power is a stand alone. It’s a personal foundation.

Taking power is a groundswell from within us that rises and, if we are aware and willing, it brings the best of ourselves forward to interact with the world. A woman who takes power brings who she is and what she naturally contributes into her day.

What happens when a woman takes power? First, and most importantly, she leads herself with love.

Leading herself with love prepares her to lead her intimate relationship, her family and her business with love as well.

LYRICS (by Alexandra Olsavsky):

What happens when a woman takes power? What happens when she won’t back down? What happens when a woman takes power? What happens when she wears the crown? What happens when she rules her own body? What happens when she sets the beat? What happens she she bows to nobody? What happens when she stands on her own two feet? Woah, we rise above. Woah, we lead with love. Woah, we have won. We are one. We’ve just begun.

Image by Anastasia Borisova from Pixabay

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