Bring Your Intimate Relationship Questions This Saturday

You’re Invited! Saturday, March 26, 1 pm Eastern. 

Virtual Celebration for
How to Save Your Fourth Marriage by Terri Crosby.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of How to Save Your Fourth Marriage, it’s okay! Come hear about it. I’ll be in conversation with Tracey Lilly about intimate relationships! I’ll also do a book reading and answer your questions.

Be sure to click on the RSVP below to get the Zoom link you’ll need in order to attend.

Click to buy How to Save Your Fourth Marriage

Click for the March 26 Book Launch details and to RSVP

Hope to see you then.

With Gratitude,

How to Save Your Fourth Marriage, In Care of Relationships, Terri Crosby

Comments (2)

  • Hi Terri,

    I so enjoyed your short webinar last week and promptly ordered your latest venture into the artistry of wisdom sharing.

    It was so great to see and hear you and to ever-so-briefly connect with (at least see via their zoom-faces) old friends. I hope you heard my comment “You look and sound fabulous, Terri. I am so sorry, I have a client call at 11 and have to get off this call right now…”

    I promptly ordered the book through Amazon after a couple of unsuccessful efforts through your publisher. I’m going to dive into it this weekend.

    So, congrats on all it took to manifest this wonderful culmination of your relationship experience. Let’s talk soon.

    Sending big hugs and YEAHS your way. Love to Mac, et. al …


    • Lynn,
      Thank you so much for this note! I noticed that you disappeared, and I saw only the beginning of your chat note, I missed the part about you having a client call. Not sure what’s going on with Balboa’s book delivery trouble… one other person said she got a strange error message when she tried to order through them as well. Glad you got it from Amazon! Would love to talk once you’ve dived in a little. Talk soon! Love, Terri

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