April 18th Invitation: Your Quantum Imagination

Every human has untapped superpowers. One superpower is our imagination. Would you like to know more about your imagination, and how to activate it?

When Devorah Spillman asked me to be a speaker on the next InStory Show called “Quantum Imagination,” I said yes with enthusiasm, because I believe everybody has a soul calling, and a story to tell. And everybody has an imagination! Each of us could probably use a little encouragement about using our imagination in beneficial and surprising ways.

In my initial interview with Devorah about topics I might address on this show, our time together took an unexpected turn. I’d figured I’d talk about “Quantum Imagination” in reference to imagining and creating a good relationship, and all the possibilities with that.

But instead, she asked if I would share something that came up in our exploratory conversation, something we don’t usually talk about—the connection between grief or loss, and imagination. Would I be willing to talk about how my husband’s death in 2017 opened me, and allowed my writing to flourish? Would I be willing to share about the profound intimacy that remains after someone passes, and how that intimacy can open us, change us, grow us—how it is a gift to loved ones still living? How our creativity and joy can expand?

It turned out to be a wonderful conversation and I’d love to share it with you. My 30 minute interview with Devorah is called “What Comes Through the Quiet Door.” It’s part of a series that’s available next week.

Go here to sign up for free, and you’ll get all the details, including a list of speakers and their topics.

Devorah says her story work helps us discover:

  • How to tap into the power of quantum imagination to move past blocks, come out of hiding, and dare to be seen.
  • How to hear and trust your inner voice
  • How to turn your stories of overcoming significant life challenges into inspiration and insight for others
  • New practices you can begin using immediately to access your quantum imagination, trust the calling of your soul, and move forward with courage.
  • The power and value of quantum imagination as a tool for leading with vision, courage, strength, and clarity.

In this InStory Show, Quantum Imagination, more than twenty incredible women share how they made the decision to go from doing what was expected of them to telling their authentic stories and leading at the edge of change.

In this series, the experts (on everything from bodywork to coaching) will help you to get unstuck, tap into your wisdom, creativity, imagination, and the power of your gifts. You’ll discover how to shape your story, trust your intuition, and access your quantum imagination within you.

Devorah is the perfect host for this summit! She has been a storyteller for over 40 years and is now a soul story intuitive coach and the leader and founder of The InStory Way, a program to help you trust your intuition, share your soul story, and live your purpose.

Click HERE to join us for this FREE pre recorded series starting Monday, April 18th. You can listen to as many speakers in the series as you like. No limit!

There will be additional live bonus sessions as well, and you’ll be informed about those when you sign up for the series, plus free gifts galore!

Until next week,

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