Where We Get Tripped Up

In relationships, we can get tripped up when we expect our individual skills to translate directly to the success of our partnership. Individual skills are pretty clear (what I’m good at, talents, interests). But these skills are different than those needed for a soul-satisfying partnership. Being in a partnership asks us to be who we are, but graduate to a whole new way of being.

This can be confusing, daunting, and upsetting!

One result is that individuals who are capable, conscious, awake—even dedicated to finding a partner—can’t seem to meet someone that suits them.

Those in a partnership (again, good people who are bright, kind, and aware) are dumbfounded about why things seem difficult or complicated. They did just fine as an individual navigating their daily world, so what changed drastically when they entered a relationship? Why is their connection with each other cumbersome or convoluted? Shouldn’t it be easier to communicate, get our needs met, and understand and support each other?

This video is an introduction to all of this. It offers a couple of examples of an individual approach vs. partnership approach, and gives suggestions about the value of shifting from individual to partner when that’s important.

Have a great week!

PS If you don’t yet have your copy of How to Save Your Fourth Marriage, go here. This book is a 280 page slow cook recipe for love, and helps you wherever you are in the process of partnering.

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  • Brilliant! No question that we can delude ourselves into thinking we are so evolved…until we get into a romantic relationship! But your coaching has really helped me to see it all begins and ends with me doing my inner work when i get triggered with my partner.

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