Why It’s Important for Women to Master Relationships

Being feminine is about giving life, and nurturing life. Creating relationships with ecosystems—the plant and animal kingdoms, the air we breathe, the water we drink—is a feminine inclination. We talk to flowers, call them affectionate names. We construct a birdhouse and are excited to find that a mother bluebird has taken up residence. We check on the eggs, and the hatchlings, too, once they are born. We tell others about our bluebird experience, perhaps hoping to encourage more kindness between humans and birds.

Our heart may struggle a bit about the property next door, as we witness the number of trees taken to the ground in order to accommodate a new house being built. Yes, humans need homes, but we also care about who and what pays the price.

Of all of the connections to living things, our relationships with humans are usually the most challenging. Compared to planting a marigold, or bottle feeding a lamb, people seem enormously complicated. They speak in words and have opinions. Mates can contradict us. Policy makers in positions of influence can ignore us. Humans can abandon or betray us. In fact, on any average day, it takes skill to get along in the world. We need all the wisdom we can muster.

Today’s video emphasizes the importance of bringing our feminine orientation (inclusive, everlasting, inspired, spacious) to difficult situations. Today’s events may bring us reasons to be upset, but if we heal those ouchy places in ourselves, the next time we are presented with a similarly stressful situation, we’ll do better. And better. And better.

A woman’s wisdom pours forth when she is grounded in her relationship with the biggest mama around—Mother Earth. Every woman does this differently, but every woman does it. A woman can restore her balance and clarity by putting her bare feet on the ground every morning for a few minutes as she welcomes the day. She feels her inner stability take hold as she heads to the flower garden to admire the new changes. She gets a breath of fresh pine air, a break, some solace by going on a weekend hike. She takes her children to the local park, and as they play on the equipment, she breathes in the energy of the deep green leaves and the soft pink flowers of the magnolia tree next to her. She is renewed with a visit to the ocean, a walk in the sand at the water’s edge.

When a woman is filled with Mother Nature’s healing and rejuvenating power, when she is right with the Earth, she is more likely to be calm enough, centered enough to let love guide her in the toughest situations she faces.

For more on this, enjoy the video below.

Please take good care of yourself. Your wisdom and love are needed these days more than ever.

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