What About Your “Wild and Free”?

Last night was another night of dreams about animals—lots of animals. It’s a regular thing with me.

Animals of all kinds show up in my dreams, an ever-changing variety of beasts, critters, and friends who fly. Whoever they are, they get along with each other. They are never chasing each other or harming anyone or anything. They are well-fed and peaceful. They mind their own business, and they travel in cohesive family groups.

Last night I was in a house that reminded me of a place where I used to live. A man I knew well (who died this year) lived there now. It was great to see my friend Joe again. He had turned the place into a very unusual home. (But that’s another story. Today, I’m going to tell you about the animals.)

It was winter, and the landscape was beautiful, the kind of silent-beautiful where the only thing you can hear is the sound of snow falling gently.

The animal-action started when I fed my cat Bella at this house. She passed away some years ago. It was great to see her again, too! At first she was inside the house, and then suddenly she was sleeping outside on a pile of rocks in the snow. I was worried that she would be cold out there, but she was curled up, snuggled up in the rocks, and seemed happy as can be.

A big black bear sauntered by. Then three foxes entered the scene and headed into into the bush and tree covered slope below the house. They ignored Bella, thank goodness, but I watched them to make sure they kept moving on by her.

Whoa! Then came a mother tiger meandering out of the surrounding forest, heading straight for Bella! I took a deep breath and put my hand on my heart. Bella lifted her head, but was unfazed and kept right on snoozing. Mama tiger had cubs all around her, scampering through the snow.

Mama tiger continued past Bella on her path which led toward the front of the house, and I followed them through the windows. In my line of sight, I noticed a big hairy butt—high off the ground!—poised by the front door and couldn’t imagine what it was! Turns out a giraffe was positioned there, and when the tigers came around the corner, he pushed open the front door to reveal mama tiger and her trail of playful cubs. She was carrying one cub in her mouth. The giraffe disappeared, and I was able to see every one of them up close and personal. They didn’t seem to mind my presence. Gratefully, they let me be a witness to all the friskiness and frolicking going on.

After they departed, I began to close the front door again. It was a giant wooden door, the kind you might see in a movie about an old castle, the kind of heavy door that moves slowly and creaks as it closes. But it didn’t fill the space completely! Even it its closed position, a gap of about a foot remained, which meant that wildlife could conceivably walk in. But they didn’t, at least not today.

The door had a clear rod extending from the edge of the door across the gap into timber on the other side to “lock” it. The house was toasty warm even with the gap, and there was a fire going.

That was the dream. Animals everywhere!

Perhaps animals in dreams speak to our deepest nature, the desire to be wild and free. Perhaps animals remind us to walk peacefully and playfully on the Earth and to be in harmony with her. To share. To be unafraid. Perhaps doors don’t need to be completely closed to create and maintain a feeling of safety and warmth.

Follow your instincts today, my friends. Be yourself. Maybe the world could use a little more of your “wild and free.”

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  • Great article. Carl Jung, the father of dream analysis was known to have said that when humans dream of animals, it is because their waking life is too mental, out of sorts with their instinctual side so you are probably right on. I hope you get to express your inner feline in all her manifestations soon!

    • Shiner, thanks so much for reading! The giraffe by the front door struck me as comical as well, especially because he disappeared! He was just there to push open the front door so I could see the tiger show. :–))) love you, Terri

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