Waking Up History

Rhiannon Giddens is a national treasure. Have you heard her?

Her voice is riveting, her intent powerful, and her sound is gifted with keen aim—straight to the heart of a matter.

Her song-stories pry open our collective human past and ask us to remember and consider the dark folds of human experience. Other pieces are entirely celebratory, such as the final song she sings on the video included here. The audience comes to their feet for her call and response number, “Up above my head… there’s music in the air…”

Rhiannon also performed a concert at the Met that provides an unforgettable soundtrack for a walk, contemplative tea time, or for making an elaborate meal in your kitchen. One Saturday morning recently, I parked my phone on the kitchen windowsill and listened to her entire performance while baking pumpkin spice muffins and making soup.

As you may have gathered, her songs are not top 40 types. They tell stories from the past, some of them long forgotten. Her words and sounds reach into the core of our understanding, leaving us to sort thoughts and feelings about how we’ve behaved toward each other.

There’s a push-and-let-it-fly vocal thing she does with ends of words, ends of phrases, that gives her message flight. For me personally, her stories are cause to be a little more fierce about living a life that represents my truest values.

Have a listen.

Love always,

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Thank you for considering.


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