Lynn Twist on Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

It is that time of year to remember and reflect on our generous universe.

Lynn Twist is an original staff member of The Hunger Project, an organization started in 1977 to end world hunger. She served as a leader of this global initiative for 20 years. During those years she created and managed the worldwide fundraising operation.

As she traveled the world learning how to work in a multitude of different cultures, Lynne developed profound wisdom about our relationship to money and the way it governs, dominates, and stresses our lives.

Then, a call from the indigenous people of the Rainforest changed her life.

In this video from ten years ago (still timely today), she speaks about the importance of realizing that our collective dream for humanity—one of consumption and acquisition— is not sustainable.

By dreaming a new dream of cooperation and “enoughness,” the new dream can inform our daily actions, and then, real change begins.

What a great message to hear and feel in our hearts and minds on this day of thanks.

Blessings on your journey.

Keep the faith,

If the video doesn’t open for any reason, go to this youTube link.


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  • Thank you for posting this, Terri! I interviewed Lynne for my last book and my online course and have been inspired by her for years to donate to Pachamamma Alliance. I highly recommend everyone read The Soul of Money!

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