My Holiday Wishes for You

May your Holiday table be filled with delicious food made by you and those you love. May you appreciate every bite. May you share with others who would be thankful for the nourishment.

May those you love mind their manners/behave :–))) at this Holiday table—enough. May minds be open, hearts wide, and voices kind. May there be plenty of hugs.

May Santa deliver a sleigh filled with delightful gifts and experiences even if you were perhaps, maybe, possibly, a little bit naughty this year.

May you start the New Year lighter (only if that’s a useful thing), despite any extra-enthusiastic Holiday consumption. You’re welcome!

May your pets (or those you’ve borrowed for the Holiday) entertain you, snuggle up to you, and calm you. May they remind you of everything that’s important.

May your children and grandchildren fill you with wonder.

If you are without the company of immediate family, may you find family to share time with. (That’s what I’m doing.)

May the stars shine bright above you, may the air around you be clear except for a flurry of snowflakes falling on your nose, and may hope fill your gorgeous heart.

love, love, love,

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