Asheville Friends: Save the Date! Tuesday, April 25th!

An in-person class! Yay! From

Self-Awareness and Curiosity: Two Superpowers in Relationships, with Terri Crosby

Unity-minded people have superpowers, for sure. We believe in sacred oneness, harmony, and the power of love. We believe that each person is a unique expression of good.

And still, we have relationship issues. Of course we do! We’re human!

Together, let’s discover how to improve our connections with others.  Being a life and relationship coach for forty years has shown me that good things happen in relationships when we develop specific abilities, especially self-awareness and curiosity

What do these two qualities bring to us, and how can they be helpful in our relationships?

Be prepared for a participatory, light-hearted, and empowering interaction. 

Terri Crosby is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Expert on Intimate Relationships
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Register Here for Self-Awareness and Curiosity: Two Superpowers in Relationships, with Terri Crosby

Location: Unity of the Blue Ridge, Community Room, 2041 Old Fanning Bridge Rd, Mills River, NC 28759

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Cost: Love Offering

What to Bring: examples of trouble you run into with other humans. We all have those places!


Even though I’ve spent decades studying the human condition in order to heal and enhance every area of my life, and have enjoyed being able to share what I’ve learned with others, Terri always surprises me with her expertise, particularly in the area of relating. She has such a unique background, such a unique view. When I’m in a tough place, she always sees something I’ve missed, or have never considered or known about to consider. She’s empathic and intuitive as well as learned. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. It makes her the “whole package” in my eyes. 

—Devaya Smith

The greatest human need is to be HEARD.  Terri Crosby truly LISTENS.  Her non-judgmental caring spirit gently disarms any reluctance to open up.  She almost magically helps couples move from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, and from ego to “we go.”  And she makes the process of counseling fun!

—Brian Biro

Terri Crosby is the best counselor I have ever worked with. Not only is she compassionate, direct, and effective, she has a joyful way of being that invites openness for both people in couples counseling (even in the most skeptical of men!). In individual counseling, she is a staunch stand for that person’s individuality and can support amazing transformational growth in a very short period of time. I HIGHLY recommend her.

—Zen Honeycutt

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