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LIVE In-Person Relationship Evening for the Asheville, NC Area

Self-Awareness and Curiosity: Two Superpowers in Relationships

On Tuesday, April 25 at 6:30 pm come on over to Unity of the Blue Ridge in Mills River to participate in an empowering evening conversation!

  • Discover liberating alternatives to our most common trip-ups in love.
  • Unveil what’s often at the root of personal improvement and find ease.
  • Examine a real issue of yours and see what it’s made of. (Don’t worry, it’s not scary.)
  • Master three keys to self-awareness.
  • Adopt three game-changing questions to ask yourself about any testy reaction (of yours).
  • Practice celebrating small wins, big wins, and everything in between.
  • Learn a simple blessing practice you can use for yourself and for others.

Terri Crosby is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Expert on Intimate Relationships
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Self-Awareness and Curiosity:

Two Superpowers in Relationships

with Terri Crosby

Subject(s): Love. Self-Awareness. Curiosity.

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25, 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Location: Unity of the Blue Ridge, Community Room, 2041 Old Fanning Bridge Rd, Mills River, NC 28759

Cost: Love Offering

What to Bring: examples of issues with other humans. Everybody’s got them!

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What others have said:

Terri has been one of my top go to coaches for over 20 years. Her wisdom about relationships and personal growth seems to only increase over time. Her ability to gently yet directly cut through my stories and help me see a path forward is rare and very effective. Her most recent book, How to Save Your Fourth Marriage, is filled with practical examples and approaches for having a more loving relationship with ourselves, even if not in a relationship. Also, she seems to work magic with men. —Delia Horwitz

I have been familiar with Terri Crosby’s work as a therapist for the past three years. She brings a unique approach to working with individuals and couples, embracing the complexities of life, by employing the radical idea ‘What if nothing or no one is wrong.’

I would recommend her to anyone seeking therapy, especially if your prior attempts to get help have been unrewarding.

Michael Arcuri
Master, Narrative Therapy

Terri is one of the most compassionate and open people I have ever met. She is dedicated to truly hearing both parties and guiding each to “aha” moments with sensitivity and kindness. You will feel safe with Terri, as she has a gift for understanding and explaining feelings you may not understand yourself. Her joy and humor lend lightness and support to people struggling, and she will smile and love you while calling you on your crap : ). We love Terri and so appreciate her wisdom, experience and empathy. —Ellen Winner

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