3 Relationship Skills That Matter

Build Strong, Joyful, Supportive Relationships in 4 Steps.

A New Series of In-Person Classes with Terri Crosby, In Care of Relationships

May 16, Tuesday. Session 1: Reducing Reactions. What does this mean and why is this important? Is it about suppressing myself or my opinions? (No.) Discover how being less reactive helps with communication, truth-telling, or expressing accurately.

May 23, Tuesday. Session 2: What If Nobody’s Wrong? This is a challenging idea for most every human being. This evening’s information builds on the previous class about reducing reactions. We think,Why attempt to be neutral when I don’t feel neutral at all? How is that an advantage to me or to the person I believe is wrong? They should step up and make changes!” This session is a powerful look at an alternative point of view you may have never considered.

May 30, Tuesday. Session 3: 100% Responsibility—What it Means and How it Helps. Most partnerships take this common stance: “I’ll take my share of responsibility and you take yours, and that will equal the whole pie.” But the result of this point of view is that it causes us to skate between happy and not, angry and resentful and not, satisfied and not. Putting the concept of total responsibility into practice takes awareness and plenty of rehearsal. And yes, in truth, it requires continuous focus and commitment. But my prediction is that you won’t mind one bit about the necessary devotion required when the positive results begin to show up. Together, we’ll walk through victim consciousness to freedom. 

June 6. Session 4: Bring It All Together. Refinements. Add-ons. Adjustments and variations. Sharing miracles! Q and A. This is a relationship class series with loaded content, and it requires a wrap up! You’ll have suggested homework/inquiries/observations along the way, and we’ll go over those, too. But especially, this class is a celebration of your progress!

To Your Strong, Joyful, and Supportive Relationships!

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