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Terri’s guidance has been invaluable to me over the last year. My communication with men is improving. I am still a work in progress but am confident that I am at a place where I will attract a partner who is my equal on all levels, and with whom I can share a completely fulfilling love life. Even though my career is demanding, I am starting to balance my life with more relaxation, which brings out the happy woman in me. The impact of this work on my relationship with my daughter has also been a gift. I am grateful for both the scope and detail of what Terri and I have done together, and for the positive difference this has made in my life. Terri is a life coach, professor, cheerleader, and friend, all wrapped up into one beautiful being. Thank you, Terri, from the bottom of my heart.

—Dee, Irvine, CA

Terri Crosby is the best counselor I have ever worked with. Not only is she compassionate, direct, and effective, she has a joyful way of being that invites openness for both people in couples counseling (even in the most skeptical of men!). In individual counseling, she is a staunch stand for that person’s individuality and can support amazing transformational growth in a very short period of time. I HIGHLY recommend her.

—Zen Honeycutt

Even though I’ve spent decades studying the human condition in order to heal and enhance every area of my life, and have enjoyed being able to share what I’ve learned with others, Terri always surprises me with her expertise, particularly in the area of relating. She has such a unique background, such a unique view. When I’m in a tough place, she always sees something I’ve missed, or have never considered or known about to consider. She’s empathic and intuitive as well as learned. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. It makes her the “whole package” in my eyes. 

—Devaya Smith

When I first started sessions with Terri about my relationship with my ex-wife, children, and my current partner, I was flying blind—like driving at night with the lights off, toward who-knows-where. Working with Terri was like turning the lights on, seeing an entirely different view and a clear direction home.

—Joe, Los Angeles, CA

Terri has the ability to quickly see the essential dynamic within a couple, and to articulate this in a clear and non-judgmental way that both people are able to hear. To have a woman clearly articulate and confirm my experience as a man in relationship was extremely valuable. She is also able to offer clear practical steps, often small ones, which allow for trust and connection to gain a toehold and eventually to flourish. Her work helped us move out of a very stuck and destructive place. She did this by helping each of us bow out of the seductive trap of blame, and see where and how we needed to take personal responsibility. She has practical wisdom rooted in both her personal and professional experience, which she shares with insight and humor. I would recommend Terri wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to deepen communication, or restore a connection.

—Doug, Asheville, NC

I have seen close to 10 other therapists in my 44 years of life, most practicing specific methodologies, and none of them have resonated with me like Terri! I can’t begin to explain what a gift she is to those seeking her wisdom and guidance. As a nurse and mother used to taking care of everyone else, it was such a gift to be enveloped in Terri’s support. It is not a “you/them” relationship when you meet with Terri, it feels like an “us” relationship. Her gift is sharing herself and her experiences which creates connection and oneness allowing a safe space for one to go deep within to create a new perspective and understanding of what is needed in order to create healthy changes in one’s life. I have worked with her individually and with my husband.

My husband refused to see a therapist for years after an unideal fit. He agreed to see Terri after their “initial interview” both individually and as a couple. We were actively moving forward with separation intending to end in divorce when we started seeing Terri and seven months later, we are continuing to transform our marriage. There is no make-wrong, there is no taking sides, there is only uncovering shared understanding and personal empowerment. She is professional, yet has always made me feel immediately safe, capable, and at ease, as if I were talking to a girlfriend or family. Terri’s heart and soul are in what she does and very obviously in who she is. How the world would be a better place if we all had the opportunity to meet with Terri!


Knowing Terri both personally and professionally over many years has made a profound difference in my personal growth. Working with Terri as a relationship coach enabled me to endure the pain and grief of finally leaving a long marriage in which I had completely lost my way. Terri was a loving, compassionate witness to the many challenges I faced within myself as well as within a struggling relationship. When I finally knew that I could do no more, she was still there to support me. Nearly three years on, and I am delighted to say that I have never been happier—I experience joy every day! Thank you, Terri, for the gift of You.


Terri has been one of my top go to coaches for over 20 years. Her wisdom about relationships and personal growth seems to only increase over time. Her ability to gently yet directly cut through my stories and help me see a path forward is rare and very effective. Her most recent book, How to Save Your Fourth Marriage, is filled with practical examples and approaches for having a more loving relationship with ourselves, even if not in a relationship. Also, she seems to work magic with men.


Working with Terri was very worthwhile for us and our relationship. She gives perspectives that just are not found from other counselors. Who knew men and women were wired so differently (we knew it but how do you work through that). We laughed and we learned. She asks great questions, and you must think. With her caring guidance and honest feedback, we took our relationship to the next level. We are now going strong on 40 years. Highly recommend working with Terri, even if you must start alone.

—Fred and Shirley

I have known Terri for many, many years. She has helped me work through different issues at different points in my life. She has a way of seeing all sides and then offering a third way of dealing with the issue. She has been very helpful. So much so, I have referred others to her care.

—A. Ann

The greatest human need is to be HEARD.  Terri Crosby truly LISTENS.  Her non-judgmental caring spirit gently disarms any reluctance to open up.  She almost magically helps couples move from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, and from ego to “we go.”  And she makes the process of counseling fun!

—Brian Biro

My work with Terri has helped me feel my worth. Her unconditional love and superb listening skills helped me accept “what is.” Besides that, I’m learning to observe myself, for instance to  recognize when I begin to shutdown, throw up barriers, or allow my fears to take over.  I notice the pressure caused when I put unachievable expectations in place. I can laugh about that now, instead of believe in it. It is a relief to be doing things that are good for me, things that are a priority. She taught me to focus on calming, positive observations. All of this has given me more freedom.

—Nicole, Manhattan Beach, CA

I went into the session with Terri expecting to walk away with one or two key elements to help me on my search for a life partner. In this respect my expectations were met. What I didn’t expect and found far more valuable were keys to my relationship with my daughter. I have a long way to go to stop demanding perfection from my ten year old bundle of amazingness, but at least I’ve started the journey now.  Thanks Terri.

—Marva, Los Angeles, CA

One of the many aspects I appreciate in working with Terri is her refreshing, uplifting style. She has offered me a new way to look at old patterns where I had been stuck. I now have tools to make my life great instead of simply okay. I needed a change of focus from what wasn’t working in my life to what is working, and to what brings me joy. Not just a little joy—an abundance of joy! Terri’s style brings out the best in me, and now I’m letting the best of me ripple out into my life and my relationships.

—Jennifer, The Netherlands

Terri is one of the most loving, compassionate and intuitive coaches I have ever worked with. She seems to know exactly what we need. She guides us with gentle strength through amazing growth into our own unique brilliance. Thank you Terri!

—Diane Jordan

You can only be at your best when you love what you do, and it’s very clear Terri loves coaching individuals and couples through relationship challenges. She was able to guide me through the muddy waters of my uncertainty, by carefully listening to me and wisely formulating comments and questions that allowed me to see my situation with more clarity and verbalize my own answers. This natural gift, along with a lifetime of experience, allows Terri to share her great wisdom with compassion, respect, and a bit of humor!


Terri is one of the most compassionate and open people I have ever met. She is dedicated to truly hearing both parties and guiding each to “aha” moments with sensitivity and kindness. You will feel safe with Terri, as she has a gift for understanding and explaining feelings you may not understand yourself. Her joy and humor lend lightness and support to people struggling, and she will smile and love you while calling you on your crap : ).

We love Terri and so appreciate her wisdom, experience and empathy.

—Ellen Winner

Terri is a very caring and compassionate person. You can count on her to be honest and authentic while allowing couples to come together to be their best selves.


Terri was kind, understanding, and very effective in helping me and my partner through difficult straits. We learned how to care for one another again while caring for ourselves. She helped us develop a new language for our relationship that serves us to this day. Thank you, Terri!


Although I am a psychotherapist myself, I have turned to Terri Crosby to assist me in my personal relationships over the course of many years. I experienced her as being very fair to both parties in her couples work. Although I have known her work professionally as a colleague for many years, my new partner felt safe, too. You will be in good hands with Terri!

—Dr. Toni Galardi

I really appreciate the coaching you gave me today. You helped me be clear, honest and upfront. After our session, I was able to call back the “” guy. I was playful with him, and I was much more myself. What’s nice is that I’m not high on this. I have a lot in common with him, and feel a calmer connection with him. Thank you so much.

—Keldwyn, Black Mountain, NC

I first became aware of Terri by attending one of her classes and have been a fan ever since. Terri has assisted me through some challenging times in relationships. Some adjectives include: wise, kind, gifted, gentle, positive with clarity of vision. She knows what it takes to have couples thrive in relationship and can teach the skills, if they are lacking. What a gift!


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