Local Asheville Event: Save the Date!

“Conscious Relationships: Sexuality and Spiritual Partnership”

Thursday, July 20th from 7-9 pm.

Location: The Light House at CCLD (Center for Conscious Living and Dying), 83 Sanctuary Road, Swannanoa, NC 28778.

I’ll be on a panel, along with some other wonderful leaders in the field of relationships.

A little more about the event…

From Jonathan Pillot, panel host who also has this UnLabelMe website: We are living at a time when old, traditional constructs and paradigms – in all walks of life are imploding/breaking down/no longer the “norm,” etc., and an area where this is evident is in Relationships. Particularly as it relates to romantic, sexual, LOVE Relationships.

There are more choices than ever before about how two people might co-create a relationship. Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy are just two notions that are very much in the Zeitgeist.

No matter the Label, more people are exploring how to expand past what they knew growing up. And, as we do that, no matter the type of Relationship and commitment, what does it mean to have Conscious Relationships?

To Live Consciously, how do we all navigate the new territory of being – in love, in lust, in trust – with each other.

We’re working on a formal invitation, but in the meantime, send RSVP’s and questions to Terri@InCareOfRelationships.com.

Thank you,

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